Wunder360 S1 - Where are the cameras

Before continuing, I would like to point out that I AM NOT A BACKER of the Wunder360 S1. I did not pre-order the camera on IndieGoGo. So this is not the classic comment from an "angry backer".

During the last day of the campaign, I made a video to inform people of its existence allowing, to those who are interested in this cam, to not miss the chance to get a discount on it. I have NOT tried it myself, which I also expressly said in the video (here on the side), and consequently I have not recommended or advised against the purchase.

The campaign of the Wunder360 S1 ended on September 2, reaching the sum of $ 775k (the campaign target was $ 20k) with thousands of investors who still continue to buy the camera on IndieGoGo, since the campaign is now InDemand (I think they reached about 10 thousands backers).

Sincere congratulations !

But then, why this article? Advertising ? (I'd wish ahaha)

I was added to the Facebook group "Wunder360 S1 News and Community" shortly after its creation. Not being a backer, it is probably for my videos on the Wunder360 C1 .... And because, at least in theory, I should have received the S1 to talk about it on my channels. But for several weeks I have been observing posts and comments from the backers who complain that they have not yet received the camera (I have not even received it either, keep calm)

Months have passed. OK. The campaign ended almost 2 months ago and people, rightly, would like to have the product in hand. But the truth is that there is a precise timeline on the IndieGoGo page that shows the beginning of the shipments.

And there is clearly written October 2018 for the US & Europe Backers, November 2018 for the rest of the world.

In addition to this, on several occasions, Wunder360 expressly said that the shipping would start in October / November.

So which would be the problem ?

I believe that the main problem of the Wunder360 is the unclear and not very active communication with the community that, slowly, day after day, is "heating up" and that is losing its confidence in the brand.

Here I could agree. The 90% of times, the comments and posts of the brand are an apology for the delays, excuses for the problems, excuses of all kinds that serve to calm the situation a bit. The problem is that then the brand disappears for a week or more.

There are about 10 thousands backers to handle, so there are some problems. We do not live in a perfect world. But a social media manager who would always gave information would help a lot. One person, or two, who would answer the comments every day would be useful. Maybe posting some pictures of the cams during production/assembly or packaging.

*image taken from the IndieGoGo page of Wunder360 S1

Users need to see, as long as they can not touch. See advancements, see progress in their investment. They need news, updates. Internet works like that, this doesn't have to be explained by someone like me.

You, member of the Wunder360 team, who are reading this article, trust me. There would be a calmer climate in this way.

*image taken from the IndieGoGo page of Wunder360 S1

You, backer, who are reading this article, relax. Really, relax. Did you send any e-mails and did not receive an answer? Well, there are about 10 THOUSANDS e-mails to be checked. It needs just a little more time. We are at the end of October so the first shipments will start in these days.


I reached 91.

But then, I hope why? I'm not a backer ...

In truth, for those who want to know, I should have received the camera many months ago. Not all of you know this, but Wunder360 has made a "Giveaway" of the Wunder360 S1 via email referral. In the sense that you registered, you sent the link to other people and, depending on how many people were registered through your link, you received prizes.

Well. The maximum was 80. Reached that number of referred emails, you would had to receive the Wunder360 S1 and all the accessories (including the underwater case).

And just to tell you for how much time I waited this camera, this happened in mid-March 2018.

The S1 had to be sent to the infliencers after May 15 (or so I was told) and indeed someone seems to have received it (like iCeline and a few others). I have not heard anything from them, apart from a few retweets here and there, there was no communication, and of course I didn't see the camera.

Honestly, I'm sorry for this because maybe I could convince more people to buy it (not that buyers are missing, but more are better).

Certainly there are aspects of this camera that I would not recommend (like the quality of photo/video), but being an entry level and having many features, it is a cam worth trying. And it could be the right cam to start with the 360.

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