GoPro Fusion - the Karma of the 360 cams

It's been a while since I tried the GoPro Fusion.

Although, unfortunately, it was with me only a couple of weeks, I saw the potential, I saw that it was still an incomplete cam, with a questionable workflow. It still needed a lot of work to make it the best 360° camera on the market, but the basics were there. It only needed more work on the software.

It's been 4 months since my review.

Has anything changed ? Have they updated ? Has the software been improved ? Can the camera now connect as Fusion to multiple phones?

Obviously .... meh.

The list of compatible smartphones does not seem to be changed.

The same 11 Android phones and not all their models, same iOS phones. All those outside the list, will have to pair it by selecting Hero 6 and, consequently, will have problems in the preview.

I also tried the "new" Fusion Studio. I saw some updates, but I have not seen interesting changes. It looks like everything before.

On facebook, in the group dedicated to users and owners of Fusion, I still see people complaining about problems of various kinds. The PC program still needs an extremely powerful computer to process files without waiting an eternity. The cam heats up and everything is like when I tried it, in May 2018.

So .... meh. In my opinion, Fusion is the Karma of the 360​​° cameras. We have all seen what happened with the GoPro drone. It took two times to be finally released, flew a bit and then they knocked him down as if it was an enemy plane in Battlefield V.

And the Fusion? Almost nothing has changed in months. Those of the GoPro say "Fusion is going fine", even if it's not really like that. So what does this mean ? Fusion developers don't see the real problems that afflict the  creators, forcing them to spend hundreds of dollars on third-parts programs to work with Fusion ?

What users are wondering lately is

- "Is it worth buying the current Fusion or waiting for the next?".

Actually, it's been 1 year and half since the Fusion was released and users, being accustomed to the almost every year releases by other tech brands, are starting to wonder about the future of the best (even if incomplete) 360° consumer camera currently on market.

But the truth ... in my opinion ... is that Fusion will be the Karma of the 360° cams. GoPro says "is going fine", has never said a word about Fusion 2, has never added details or widespread leaks on new projects in this field. Nothing at all. This suggests that the American company, leader of the action cam, in truth is not even thinking about a new model. Perhaps because the first was not advantageous, in terms of sells.

GoPro has just released the Hero 7 with features similar to 6. It has changed almost nothing, apart from improved stabilization. Is it a sign that the brand is having financial problems or ideas are over?

And if so, what will happen with Fusion? What will be the next step of the brand in the 360 world ?

We all know that GoPro was for sale, that Xiaomi wanted to buy it, and then ... boh. Something was not successful ?

Of course these are just ideas, all ideas. Only hypotheses and questions, so many questions on which maybe we will have an answer in a few months. When a camera that goes beyond the Fusion will come out.

I will not tell you what camera it is.

  Subscribe and wait ;)

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