VeeR Editor - Little Planet mode [Alchimista]

VeeR VR, the world's leading VR and 360 ° content sharing platform, took a step towards "normality".

We are all used to normal photos. 16: 9, 4: 3, 1: 1.

facebook, instagram, twitter, flickr, pinterest ... all sharing platforms that allow you to upload two-dimensional photos, the only shot chosen by the photographer, without the possibility of watching what was happening "on the other side".

But then ... VeeR VR. Here you tick the photos and videos at 360 °. No framing, limits of classic shots out of all proportion. Freedom of point of view inserted in every shot. Who wants to look at the scene in front of it, looks at it. Who prefers to watch a dog that is biting its tail on the left, can do it without changing photos, without looking elsewhere. Everything is there, in a single shot.

360 ° photography has enormous potential. Maybe now it is not widespread, many do not understand it. In many, they do not even know it. But we do. We 360 ​​content creators know it well and live it every day of our lives..

<< The future of the photography. >>

someone said

Yet, on 24/08/2018 VeeR VR takes a "step back".

In the VeeR Editor app, the only mobile editing app for 360° content (both photos and video), the "Little Planet" (or Tiny Planet) mode is added.

Why ? Why does a brand, based on the 360° world, insert the possibility to share flat images? It does not go a bit against what the brand represents ?

The answer is simple: creators.

Of course. We creators. Maybe not everyone, maybe not you who are reading this article. But the strength of a sharing platform is users, isn't it?

If nobody shares, no one looks. If nobody looks, there is no gain. And without gain, you can not run a platform.

Obviously, all I am saying is only PERSONAL HYPOTHESIS! Do not consider them as true or false. They are just theories. Maybe true, maybe false;)

My hypothesis is that a good amount of users have asked VeeR to be able to create photos with the Little Planet effect starting from a 360° photo. This is because facebook destroys the quality of panoramic photos (and photos in general), instagram does not support 360° photos, nor twitter. The Little Planet effect is one of the most used effects for derivatives from a 360 ° content. It's interesting to see and many times the word that comes to mind when you see a photo in Little Planet is "cool", let's face it.

As a result, to have the opportunity to share their content on multiple socials, VeeR users asked the platform to create photos in Little Planet mode.

And the platform has listened to them. VeeR VR has a very efficient team. They listen to the community, solve problems, they are interested in people's opinions, because after all, this is the best way to get ahead of the brand. And they know it and they do it very well.

At least for now, directly from the VeeR Editor app, you can share the photo in Little Planet only on facebook. But being the photo in 1:1 format, squared, I think that soon will be added compatibility with instagram and other socials.

So once you have edited your 360° photo, in the sharing phase select facebook and you will have the opportunity to choose the classic 360° format or the Little Planet mode, which you can choose direction and inclination.

At least for now, at the bottom right there is always the VeeR Editor logo. It is not invasive and does not bother you, but even those who connect their VeeR account to the VeeR Editor app cannot remove it.

This was my little reflection. A brand forced to "bend" to adapt to the slow progress of other platforms. A short sad story, in few words.

But VeeR VR knows that for the moment it is the right move.

And what do you think about ?

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