Rogy 360 (news)

The design of this camera is amazing, it seems a kind of spaceship from Star Wars.
It has 6 1/2.5" CMOS sensors with 5MP F2.2 each. 1 front, 1 rear and 4 on the side all around the camera. The body is slim and right below the front sensor there is the shutter button, while, below a side sensor there are the buttons for the interactions with the camera and a small LED screen.

Photos : 29MP - 8K - 7680x3840
Very good resolution, higher than all the non-pro cams (except the Gear360 2016) actually on market.

Video : 4K - 3840x1920 30fps (real-time in-camera stitching)
5.7K - 5760x2880 30fps (post processing stitching)

I made a mistake in my video. Or better, I made an omission. I said that the videos are only 4K, but it was only regarding the stitching in-camera. Doing the stitching apart, the videos will have the resolution of 5.7K. That's awesome. I'm glad to know this. The codecs video will be H264 and H265.
Here you can see the benchmark table, and some comparison.

New 360° camera is going to join the game soon. It's ROGY, from DP smart.

3D stabilization should make these videos be very smooth.
4 microphones make me think about panoramic audio and this is a must nowadays.
The camera will have a 3300mAh battery which will allow to record around 90mins of video. Of course it depends on the recording time etc. We all know how it works. But still, more than I expected.
The memory will support microSD cards up to 2TB. In theory, a 128GB memory will be enough for a lot of time, but 8K video should occupy around 1GB/min (or something like that). Keep this in mind.

Let's talk about the processor of Rogy. It's a new processor made by ASpeed, called Cupola360. It's made for 360 processing and, in theory, it should help the stitching, it should better handle the difference of exposure between the sensors, it should help the 360 contents to be better. We'll see. Rogy is the first camera to be equipped with this processor so we just have to wait and see.

For PRO photographers : Rogy should shoot in RAW too. Probably it'll take 6 RAW files and 1 JPEG when it takes a picture. In this way, who wants to play with the pic can do this and who doesn't, will have a ready content to be shared. Probably RAW will not be available on the launch, but it should work in the future.

The final price should be around 800$, while Kickstarter campaign price should be around 500$ (more or less). I don't know yet. Will let you know in these days because they'll launch the camera on Kickstarter in this period.

For now that's all. Here below you can find my presentation video (NOT A REVIEW) and Cupola360 video which shows you the camera.

Rogy camera is going to be launched on KickStarter the 13-05-19 at 3:00pm UTC +8.

It'll be 9:00am CEST (Rome), 7:00am UTC.

Check the link here below to discover it !

Comment below and let me know what do you think about !

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