Insta360 Go

The question is...why ?

insta360 makes a no-360 camera. It's ok, doesn't matter. It's still something with a fisheye lens and the brand wants to take also "that" part of the customers. Maybe we'll see a classic flat action cam in a few years.
But...insta360 Go. (not Mini, it would have been awesome if I'd have guessed right)

Let's say this first : this is not a review. I don't have the camera, I didn't try it, all the things I'll write in this article are coming from the videos of insta360 website and from the things written in the details of the camera.
I didn't watch Michael Ty's video about it and for now I'll not because I wanna keep my opinion as "clean" as possible. I watched only Peter McKinnon's video which is just showing the cam without going into details.

Honestly, I was hyped for it. I imaginated a mini standalone 360 cam, didn't expect the top of quality, for sure, but it was ok for the size. But still...a 360 cam.
And then I watched the launch video. And....Meh. Lost the 90% hype and interest after have watched 10 seconds. The other 10% of interest is still living here because of the stabilization, because of the various features it has....more or less.

First thing first : resolution.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that resolution isn't everything, but we all watched in that direction. Also because tech specs of this camera are a bit confusing.

The camera records videos in 2720x2720. It's a 180° fisheye lens...I guess. Because nobody mentioned 180°, but it seems so. Actually that's not a bad resolution for a 180° because it'd be a 5.2K 360 video (if it'd be a 360 cam). It's a very small camera and we couldn't pretend more. But it's the capturing resolution. The camera records in the proprietary format "insv" and exports in mp4. But during the exporting the video is being cropped and exported in 1080p.
Here come the problems because the crop costs quality. And the quality of the exported videos doesn't really seem 1080p.
There are different shooting modes : normal video, slow motion and "interval shooting" (don't have idea of what does this mean). The MAX RECORDING TIME IS 30 SEC. That wasn't an "ouch"...That was a "wtf ?". I'd not expect 24h of recording time, but not even this heavy limit. It's even worse than Ricoh. Maybe this time will be modified in the future, but for now this camera is made for small "important" moments. And if the moment lasts 35 sorry, "not my business". or you have to be very fast on clicking the shutter button.
And then we have Timelapse and Hyperlapse. There's a difference here in resolution and recording time.
Static Timelapse - 3040x3040 30fps - up to 8h for 9 sec video
Hyperlapse - 2720x2720 30fps - up to 30 mins for a 5 min video
Both exports in 1080p 30fps. The difference is probably because if the stabilization which would not be applied on Static Timelapse. But up to 8h ? I don't think that the battery could last that much. Probably it could go for around 1h. So is this while the camera in inside the charger ? Or... ? I don't know.
I'd like to know if it'll be possible to work on the "raw" video.
Photos : 3040x3040 captured but exported in 2560x2560. Why this difference ? Probably to have the cropped squared picture ? Not sure. Also because there are no photos from camera on the website. The photos can also be cropped in 16:9 (2560x1440) or 9:16. Maybe would be a good idea to add instagram 4:5 format..
At least for now this camera shoots in Auto mode (regarding EV, WB and ISO). The aperture is F2.1. Not really bad. some vids could be interesting also in low light conditions.

And now...the stabilization. It's AWESOME. This little cam has a 6-axis stabilization which makes the videos very smooth and unshakable. In the videos we can see people running with a very stable recording and the camera seems to be attached to the chest, so it's very impressive.

Attachments : you can put this cam almost everywhere. Inside the package there are a lot of mounts which allows you to put the camera on walls, glasses, there's a pendant with a metallic plate to attach the camera on the chest.. the limit os your imagination.

App & features : you can transfer the clips from the camera to the phone throught the app and ampty the memory (which is 8GB not expandible). And here it is possible to edit your clips, to merge them together etc.
An awesome feature is the AI editing. The camera "watches" the main subjects and parts of the environment, selects similar clips from the ones you have and automatically creates a video with them. That's very interesting. You don't have to do anything. This sis probably te most interesting feature of the camera. And this is where also GoPro is pointing. But insta360 made it first.

The other interesting feature is "flip the script" which allows you to rotate the video in a cool combination. Before we could do this using editing programs, but here it can be done just swiping on the screen. It's very cool.

Other details rush :
- insta360 Go is IPX4. Not waterproof but could be submersed for up to 10 sec.
- the battery is enough for around 200 clips of a medium of 20 secs.
- it charges in around 20 mins and it can be charged in the case that you receive in the package. The charging case can charge the insta360 Go for around 2 times.
- the case has a battery inside, it charges in around 1h.
- can be personalized adding an image on it for 10€

Last but not least, the price : 230€.
That's...a lot. The features are interesting, but they doesn't justify the price. And the quality of a medium level 1080p isn't enought for this price. Maybe something around 150€/180€ would be more acceptable.

End : the concept is interesting, the quality not enough, the features are cool, the price is a bit high. This is probably the best summary I could do. Of course remember that I didn't try the camera so it's just a bunch of thoughts after the launch.
I wanted to post this article a day after the launch because I wanted to see the reactions of the people and It's more or less always the same thing. Everybody talking about quality/price. Of course.

And it was a bit obvious because in 2019 we're used to have 4K video on 50€ cams. Yes, the features would never be the same and insta360 "brand price" isn't the same of a random chinese action cam, but still not enough, as I can see. Personally I lost the hype I had for it because it's not a 360 camera. If insta360 will want to sent me one for a while, I'll be glad to make some tests and see if I can confirm my actual thoughts or change my mind about something.

But how this camera could become interesting for more people ? The memory is a bad point, but since it's a built-in memory it'll not be possible to change it. But the thing I'd update right now is the recording time. Maybe not extending the actual time of each clip, but at least let the camera record continuously cutting the videos every 30sec. In this way we'd have more clips of the same continuous video, we'd not lose time and we'd not have to click every 30 sec to start recording.

What do you think about it ? Did you already ordered an insta360 Go ? Why yes ? Why not ?
Comment below and follow me for more contents.

Here you can read the first article. will leave it for a while..

I'ts not necessary, anyway

They are dropping a new cam !

While the whole 360 world is looking at the leaked photos of GoPro Max, insta360 thought "hey, what is we drop this little guy right now ?".

At the bottom of the office someone said "let's go brotha" and here we are !

Insta360 Mini. That's not the official name, of course. Or at least I don't know this. But it's small, it's not "Mini" ?

We'll see in a couple of days.

Here there's the video !

First impressions from the video : this camera seems...interesting. It's attached on a holder, it doesn't seem to have a real body so it could be something like a MadV Mini, but not an on-phone camera. Or maybe it could be a combo : on-phone but also stand alone. That would be interesting.

The size is veeeery small. This means that it's pocketable and easy to bring with you, but it also means small battery. Maybe something around 30 mins of recording. And the weight, as we can understand from the giveaway page, is very low.

And here we are on the most important part : content quality.

"Resolution isn't everything, but it's something". It wasn't me saying this phrase even if it's one of my main thoughts. And especially, in 360, the resolutioin counts a lot.

Of course this camera couldn't ever record in 8k, but not even in 5.8K, I guess !

I think this because of the video they showed.

Here there's a screenshot.

Look at it ! Of course it's just a frame from a moving video, but watching the video itself I'd not say that the video quality is above 4K.

The thing I don't know is the photo quality. These cams could have a potential for pictures. I love my MadV Mini. The resolution of pictures is 5.3K, but the pictures are amazing. And this new insta360 could have a potential.

As usual, insta360 makes a small giveaway !

Clicking on this link you can open the giveaway page where you have to guess the weight of the camera. If you'll write the right number you could be one of the 3 winners !

Why don't try ? ;)

What do I think about it ? I hope that the camera takes amazing pics. At least this. I'd not even consider it for videos, but regarding pictures....could be interesting. And since I'm going to an amazing city in september, I'd be really interested to try it out.

Comment below what do you think about it !

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