VeeR Experience


A new feature of VeeRVR. This is VeeR Experience.

A tool that allows you to create interactive Virtual Tours.


In addition to the classic functions of Virtual Tours, VeeR Experience allows you to insert triggers that are used to interact with the tuor itself overcoming the "boundaries" of the simple switching between the panoramic photos.

Each 360 photo that constitutes the tuor is called "scene".

The scenes can be added or removed at any time and you can change the name and position for more convenience during the creation of the Experience.


The basic elements for switching from one scene to another are the Hotspots.


Positioned anywhere in the picture, each hotspot is linked to a scene and you can decide its icon, position, name and whether to show the name or not..



There is the possibility to add a trigger to activate or deactivate a sound, a song or any type of audio loaded by the user and connected to that trigger.


The audio can be stereo or directional. If you choose the directional one, the audio remains anchored to its position and, if you turn your back on the audio trigger, the sound will be heard behind.


(obviously to have this experience you need to have a surround system or 5.1/7.1 headphones)


The Card is a trigger that allows you to redirect the visitor somewhere through a link. The trigger Card is very customizable both in the "external" and "internal" form.

For the "external" form you can choose the icon (among those proposed by VeeR), the title and decide whether to make it visible or not and, when it'll be triggered, if you want to open a small annotation alongside or open a fullscreen window.

For the "internal" form, that is when the Card is opened, you can choose an image that will be displayed at the top, a description, the link, which will be opened if the user clicks on the button, and the message on the button to invite the user to the action.

The inclusion of the Card has made the VeeR Experience a big step forward because it greatly enriches the personalization of the tour itself. Now you can connect a virtual tour to an online sales shop, postpone a user to another VeeR Experience and link several tours for an even more special experience.

We look forward to the next triggers, including the ability to start a video.

I leave you here some screenshot of my tour and, below, you can visit it completely so you can see its potential and maybe you will want to create one on your own.

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