VeeR Editor

You bought your 360° camera, you started taking pictures here and there, but the app of your camera does not give you the possibility to edit your content?

No problem. VeeR Editor is the solution for you!

VeeR VR is, probably, the only brand to have a 360° content editor. It does not matter whether they are photos or videos, or both. It does not matter with which 360° camera you are shooting. If there are the right metadata, yes it can be done!

Not always the camera is ready for sharing. Many times we need to make some corrections, even small, which can improve the shot. Maybe the picture is a bit under-exposed, maybe the colors should a bit more saturated or warmer. Maybe you have to put in some indication or take some notes. In short, many times there is the needing to touch up the photos we take. With #VeeREditor, we have a fair amount of editing tools to use trying to bring the shot to the top. All very easy and fast.


Photos are the most used content. You shoot, edit them in 2 minutes and publish.

After choosing the photo to be edited, we have the color correcion filters and tools. These include Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Heat, Tint, Tone, Highlights and Shadows.

If necessary, it is possible to set the orientation (it's the starting frame you see when you open the photo). Unfortunately it is anchored to the X axis so the orientation point can not be moved up and down.

There is a great variety of stickers that you can put anywhere in the picture and you can decide their size, their verse and rotation.

The stickers are preiodically updated, especially during the festivities. Here on the side you can see the default ones.

Finally, you can add text. Maybe it needs some indication or description of the image. You can add a writing that remains anchored to the point where you decide to put it. So if we look somewhere else, the writing remains where it is placed. Obviously it is possible to decide its size, position, rotation and color.

At the moment it is not possible to change fonts.

The editor inserts a watermark of VeeR Editor in each content. It can be removed or replaced with a personal one by linking your VeeR account to the editor.


The video editor, instead, gives the possibility to select one or more clips (or photos) in 360° in order to compose a video by combining the different contents. The photos can have a minimum time of 1 second up to a maximum of 30. By default it is set to 5 seconds. The minimum duration of the video is 1 second, while the maximum depends on the length of the video you are editing.

Each clip can be cut, speeded up, slowed down, mutated, you can set the orientation (which is anchored to the X axis as for the photos) or it can be removed. There is also the possibility to view the video in VR and then return to make the changes.

The changes that can be made, as for the photos, are filters, color correction, text and stickers (some of them in .gif). But in addition to these you can also add music in the background, which can be chosen from a folder on the phone or one of those made available by the app.

The only customization of the music, however, is the volume as it is not possible to decide the duration or stop it when it is not needed.

Obviously, in the videos, it is possible to choose the moment in which it appears and the duration of each sticker and the inserted text.

This app is the most complete in circulation and allows, directly from the smartphone, to apply mid-level adjustments to a 360° video or a 360° photo without having to use more professional programs and without having to edit them on PC. Ideal for small adjustments and for those who want to add not too complex details to their contents.

Here below you can find the qr codes to scan or click on them to open the links to the apps.

Last feature released on 24/08/2018 on VeeR Editor is the Little Planet mode for sharing on facebook.

Up to now you could do 360° editing of 360 files and share them only as such. But now, the VeeR VR team has given the opportunity to share the photo even in #LittlePlanet (or #TinyPlanet, as you prefer).

Everything works like before, editing, stickers, writing, anything. What changes is the sharing phase because by selecting facebook, there is the possibility to share the photo as a panorama or in the Little Planet mode. Selecting the latter, you can decide the angle of the Little Planet effect and then share a square photo on the social.

At least for now, at the bottom right, there is the VeeR Editor logo. It is not annoying and not bulky, but even those who have their own VeeR account linked to the VeeR Editor, do not have the possibility to remove it.

We await the new updates to see what will happen in this n.1 mobile 360​​° content editor.

Below you can find an example of a 360 ° photo edited with VeeR Editor and the two variants: 360 ° and in Little Planet

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