VeeR VR is THE platform for sharing 360° content.

Born as a video sharing platform, in the autumn of 2017 they've included the possibility to upload 360° photos. But, after a couple of years they decided to disable the possibility to upload 360 photos and they focused on 360/VR high-quality videos.

Shortly after joining VeeR VR, I had the pleasure to talk with two guys from their team who asked me about opinions, ideas and one of these was the possibility to upload 360° photos. Months later it was implemented. This indicates that the team is active and listens to the community's opinion to develop ideas and grow by inserting useful functions. In fact there are already thousands of 360° photos (even mine) and this is good because, with the increase and the spread of the 360° cams, the site will always be active and will grow more and more.

But let's see how it works. It's all very simple. Fast registration (facilitated by "Sign-Up with Facebook"). A photo, a short description, a link to your site and you can start with the upload.

For both photos and videos, the upload phase is the same. Title, description, category (among those proposed by VeeR), hashtags and format.

The format depends on the original. The 360​​° photos are usually equirectangular. This means that in a two-dimensional picture you can see everything that has been captured by the camera. On VeeR you can also upload 3D images in a side-by-side or top-bottom format.

For the photos, you can set the headling (the part of the photo that you see first when you open it). Unlike other platforms, such as Kuula, headling can be set in any direction.

For videos we have two thumbnail. One serves as a general thumbnail that will be displayed without opening the video, such as a cover. The other is equirectangular and will be displayed at 360° while the video is loading or as preview in the VeeR VR app.

Both photos and videos, once uploaded, can be saved as drafts to be published later or can be published immediately. Eventually, you can decide whether to put them as the Unlisted content.

Sharing includes many apps including facebook, twitter, wechat, weibo and others. You can copy the direct link to the video or the embed code (Embed) to insert the video into a website using html.

Unfortunately the code is not customizable within the site. In fact, unlike Kuula, there are measures and settings established by VeeR. The code can be edited before being published, but you have to know the programming language..

The VeeR VR app is among the easiest and most useful to use. There are all the elements of the website, apart from some elements of sharing.

In the home there are the most popular videos and already from the outside you can see the 360​​° preview (it would be the equirectangular miniature chosen during the uploading phase). We also have information like likes, comments, shares, views etc of the previewed video. From the app you can download the videos to watch them later also offline.

Obviously there is the search function, notifications and the personal profile from which you can upload photos or videos, make changes etc.

Inside the VeeR VR app there is also the store that refers to purchase cardboards from Aliexpress or Amazon. So who does not have one can directly buy those recommended by VeeR, without going to look elsewhere.

VIP membership. The VIP function gives small advantages within the app. Initially 3 free codes are available to give to friends/relatives. Each code activates a 60-day trial version of the VIP membership and, for each activated code, the VIP membership for 60 days is also given to you.

VIPs have unlimited downloads, a marker in the profile that marks the VIP version and special events.

There is the visualization in VR (through a cardboard). You need to download another app, called VR Video World (the VeeR VR app will redirect you directly to download it from the store if the app is not installed on your device. Otherwise it will open.) Once opened, there will be featured videos or you can search by category and then choose what to watch. The app in VR does not need a physical trigger because to select something you have just to point it and wait a second. This is a very convenient function, as most of the cardboards are sold without a joypad/trigger, and for those who want to use virtual reality in a random way without much knowledge, with VeeR does not have to worry about anything because what is enough is a smartphone and the cardboard.

Once opened a content, photo or video, we have the options to like, share and add to the playlist. The comments are at the bottom and there is also the button to watch VR content using a cardboard. Moving on the button with the mouse will appear a window with QR codes to be scanned to open the VeeR VR app.

There is also the VeeR VR Immersive Edition, but connection to Daydream is required. I have not yet had the chance to try it since I do not have a Daydream viewer, but as soon as I have the chance to try it, I will update the article.

VeeR has also the own 360° content editor. Click here to read more about it

I recommend you try these apps if you are interested in the VR world. Below there are the various QR codes to be scanned or you can click on them to open the link.


VeeR Editor

VR Video



Immersive Edition

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