Where to upload 360° content

You have just bought your 360° camera, you started taking pictures and recording funny videos with friends or family, something interesting around the city and you noticed that some shots are really interesting. You would like to share them, but you don't know where (damned instagram developers who don't want to implement 360 photos).

In this article I recommend 6 platforms on which you can upload your 360° content.

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Current leading platform for sharing 360° videos, VeeR VR is the most complete FREE 360 platform actually available on the web.

VeeR VR is available on Android, iOS and desktop browsers. The creation of the account is free and also all the features that include uploading videos at 360°, uploading 3D content, creating virtual tours (here called VeeR Experience) and sharing, with the possibility to embed the contents in the web pages.

Plus.  VeeR VR has the best facebook community ever where you can find advices on cams, shooting etc. The team is always available to discuss errors and ideas and they never disappoint.

[more info here]


Kuula is a platform that allows you to upload only photos. There is the possibility to upload individual photos or to create virtual tours. However, you must have a PRO account to create tours and unlock many additional features.

Kuula, on its side, has many features and the embedding function is among the best, if not the best one. For this reason, it is the platform I use to embed  the contents of the cams I test in the reviews on this site.

Unfortunately, the app is missing.

[more info here]


I do not think this platform needs presentations. Only 360° or 3D videos can be uploaded to YouTube. The creation of the account is, of course, free.

And .... nothing. There is not much to say on YouTube. We all know how it works.


You can upload both photos and videos. If the contents contain 360° metadata, they will be displayed in 360°, otherwise there will be some display errors.

The weak point of facebook is the quality because the platform has very aggressive compression algorithms. Excessively aggressive. The drop of quality is noticeable and is particularly annoying for those looking for the best, but Facebook allows you to share their content immediately and without any other particular problems. Above all thanks to the numerous 360° groups.


Vresh is the new 360° platform, still under development. This is a 360 social with the possibility to share the content and, eventually, make live streaming in 360°.

Currently the app is only available for iOS and only in certain geographical areas (Italy is excluded).

I have the chance to try the international Beta version, but, being and Android user, I can't use it for now. Stay tuned in the future.

For the moment everything is under development so I do not express myself further. I look forward to the Android version, or at least the desktop browser version.

Obviously there are many apps and websites that allow you to upload your 360° content (Vimeo, Flickr etc), but the brands listed in this guide are FREE (or at least partially) and are the most famous and comfortable.

Which one to choose ? All, in my opinion. Each platform has its own strong point that is absent in other platforms and, consequently, it is convenient to use it in a certain occasion rather than in another. It depends on the need.

Whether you are a new creator or an "old" one looking for a sharing platform, I hope I have been helpful.

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