How to Inject 360 Metadatas

So you just started to create 360 photos and videos and want to edit them using 3rd party programs like Photoshop/Premiere/Vegas, but your output isn't recognized as a 360° content ? Did you manually create a 360 photo but don't know how to make fecebook understand that it's at 360° ?
No problem. In this guide I'll explain you how to INJECT 360 medatadas into your edited footage, EVERY footage. And I'll give you all the necessary to do it on computer.

I'll not explain you how does it work and why do you need to edit your EXIF metadatas, nor what EXIF or METADATAS are, I'm not Wikipedia. But what happens when you edit your 360 pictures or videos, is that the program erases or changes the metadatas of the footage. Or, if you created a 360 photo, it doesn't have these metadatas and it couldn't be recognized as a 360° photo.

So let's begin with the photos.

My software of choice is Exif Fixer.

It's FREE (no need to thanks), you can download it here.

Available for Windows, MAC and Linux.

The HUD is very easy and clear.

It is possible to add the photos by simply dragging them into the preview area, dragging them into the list area or by clicking on "Choose JPEG or PNG" and browse the file.

We have a preview (for 360 standard photos the option is EQUIRECTANGULAR), below it there's the list of the pictures and then we have the various features :
- Clear Metadata First : it is possible to erase all the editable existing metadatas before injecting the new ones.
- Insert Fake Camera Data : add the camera marker choosing between Ricoh Theta V, Theta S, Samsung Gear 360, MiSphere and Insta360 ONE.
- Reset PosePitchDegrees : select if the photo isn't levelled.
- Reset PoseRollDegrees : select if the photo isn't levelled.
- Delete Original Images : this allows to delete the original images after the injection. If this is unselected, the original files will be renamed with "_original" at the end of the name and after the suffix (.jpg/.png). To normally open these files you'll have to remove "_original" after the suffix using, for example "ren" on cmd.
- Batch : if unchecked, you'll be able to select only one photo per time. If checked, it is possible to add more photos and they will be processed in the same way one by one.
- Set North : allows to set the heading and the north coordinate for, for example, Google Maps.

At the bottom right we have a list of the Metadatas that will be added to the photo and 3 final options.
- Existing Metadata : it opens a windows with all the existent metadatas in the photo.
- Reset : resets the file selection and all the ckecked/unckecked options.
- Add Metadata : clicking on this button, the program will inject 360 metadatas and apply all the checked options.
The new, injected, photo will be in the same folder of the old one. You can use GoPro Player to open it and take a look. But the real test is trying to upload it on facebook, because when facebook recognizes 360 metadatas, on the uploading thumbnail appears a sphere icon.

Now let's talk about the videos.

In programs like Premiere, Vegas etc, there's the possibility to export the videos with 360 Metadatas by default. You just have to check the option "This video is VR".

But if you forgot it or there isn't this option, it is possible to do it using 3rd party programs.

My software of choice is Spatial Media Metadata Injector.

It's FREE (no need to thanks), you can download it here.

It's very easy and fast to use. The HUD is pretty inexistent.

You have a small window with 2 buttons and 3 options. To inject 360 Metadatad in your video you just have to click on "Open", select your video, check "My video is spherical (360)" and click on "Inject metadata". You'll have to choose the folder where to save the file (by default is the same folder of the original file).

The injector will take a while depending on the dimensions of the video.

You can see the name and the suffix of the file after "Current 360 video ..."

There will be the writing "Saving file ..." while it's injecting the metadatas.
Once the injection is finished, you'll see "Successfully saved ..." and the new video will have the same name of the original one with "_injected" after the name.


Thanks for reading, I hope to have been helpful.

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