360 RAW Editing Mobile Workflow

How to edit 360 RAW files on  mobile

(step-by-step guide)

In this guide I'll explain (and I'll show you through screenshots) how to edit a RAW file taken from a 360° camera.

In this case I use a RAW file taken from a Madventure360, but it works with any camera (the only part that changes is the stitching phase that, in this guide, will cover only Madventure360 and Xiaomi Mi Sphere cams).

Smartphone used: Samsung Galaxy S8

The guide starts from when you have the RAW file on your smartphone. All the operations of "adding to the various apps" is made through the sharing function (Share - Lightroom, Share - Retouch etc.)


Lightroom CC

(Color Correction)

MiSphere Converter



(Objects removing)



(Objects removing)



From the Gallery, open the RAW file to edit and do "Share"

"Add to Lr"

The last photo added will be at the top. Open it to start the Color Correction

At the bottom there are all the tools necessary for Color Correction.

Once the Color Correction is finished, tap on the three dots at the top right.


"Save on device"

select "Highest quality available" and then "OK"

Wait for Lightroom to apply the correction

Once the exporting id finished, tap on "OK"

From the Lightroom folder, open the photo and select "Share"

select "Stitch"

(MiSphere Converter)

(Madv360/MiSphere only)

With the commands, at the top left, level the photo

There are vertical and horizontal yellow lines that are used to help the user level the picture.

The center of the photo will be the heading at the opening of the photo

Once the photo is leveled, select the Settings below and set the quality to the maximum

select the floppy disk to save and wait for the loading bar.

From the MiSphere Converter folder open the photo and select "Share"

Select "Retouch"


Retouch supports 360° photos (icon a the top). At the bottom select "Quick Repair"

Select the brush size and cover the area you want to remove. At the top there is the zoom to be more precise in the selection.

Once the unwanted object is removed, select the icon at the top right for export.

Check in the settings that the highest quality is selected.

Select "Save as copy".

This is to avoid losing the original file that could be useful in case of errors.

The phase of removing objects (tripods or anything else) can also be done on other apps (like SnapSeed). Personally I use TouchRetouch because it is much more precise and, from version 4.2.0, there is support for 360 ° photos.

If you want to remove the tripod (or another object) using SnapSeed, or another app that does not support 360° photos, I recommend putting that object in the center of the image during stitching in order to have more comfort in the elimination phase.

Put the object to be removed more or less in the middle. You do not need to be precise.

Once the object is deleted, open the photo and select "Share" -> "Convert"

Level the photo using the controls at the top left and save by selecting the floppy disk

In case someone has suggestions about the app that can stitch the photos from any camera, there's the comments section at the bottom.

Thank you !

For those interested, here is the video of the entire workflow.

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