Wunder360 C1

Wunder360, few time ago, has launched a new entry-level camera called C1

The design of the camera is very similar to that of the Samsung Gear 360 2017.

Under the front lens there's the shutter button and, below it, the screen that helps during the various operations. On one side there is the menu button, the led and the on/off or back button at the height of the lens, while underneath is the door that protects the microSD and the microUSB port. On the other side there is the microphone and the WiFi button and at the top there is the speaker for the sounds of the camera. At the bottom there is the standard screw connection for the tripods.

But let's analyze the camera and its functions.

Photos and videos

The videos are in 3K and the photos in 4K. Usually I would say that they are a bit low. However, being an entry-level camera, that's okay. Moreover, it is a very smartphone-friendly camera because most of the operations with the 360 ° content, now, is done on smartphones and tablets and, having the small screen, even these resolutions are fine.

Plus, since not all the socials support 360° content, the tiny-planet, which is a derivative of the 360, is the most used mode, and to make tiny-planets the 4K is sufficient.

Real-time in-camera stitching

This feature is very useful and very important. In short, the camera combines the images taken by both sensors and provides a final product, an equirectangular photo or video. For this reason, the Wunder360 C1 is a user-friendly and easy-to-use camera, in the sense that the user does not need to know editing programs, there is no need to use third-party softwares to get to the final product. Simply turn on the camera, shoot and you are ready to share.

Social 360 ° Live Streaming

Oh yeah. By connecting the camera with a cable to the smartphone, you can make a 360° live streaming on Facebook or YouTube. It's all very simple, just a couple of taps to be able to directly share moments of your life with the other people. Of course, the quality is not excellent (especially on facebook that has very aggressive compression algorithms) but it is a particular feature not owned by all the brands, which gives an extra point to the Wunder360 C1.

9-axis IMU stabilization

This is very important.

Stabilization in the app works great. It activates with the horizon correction and stabilizes the video really well allowing you to put the view in a direction and, even if the camera would be turned or rotated, the view will always be fixed.

This is a very useful function especially if the final product is viewed through a cardboard. However I must admit that by transferring the file from the camera to the smartphone, the product is not as stable as you see it in the app, but surely this will be improved during future updates.

But out of the technical definitions, how is the camera?

It is comfortable.

It is very comfortable, very slim. It has a rather particular design that does not bother when you carry it in your pocket, unlike the other cams that I brought on the channels. It is very light, weighs only 95g.

The camera is very user-friendly. The menu are quite fast, they are very intuitive so you do not have to be an expert to control this camera. In fact it is entry-level.

For those who want to take a first step towards the 360° world, this can be a very interesting solution.

Are there any negative aspects?


The first among all, the audio. It is certainly not the worst I've heard, but it's as if the audio came from inside a dome and so it has to be definitely improved. I would also say the quality, however, being an entry-level camera, you can not expect more otherwise the price would also raise and therefore it would no longer be entry-level. So for those who want to start, that's okay.

The Wunder360 C1 can be controlled through the app or used in stand-alone. The app connects via WiFi (thanks god) and WiFi can be both 2.4GHz and 5GHz and for this reason the transfers are very fast. Basically the app is like the others. There is a live preview of what the camera sees, you can change the mode, there is some small personalization, you can transfer files from the camera to the phone, the Wunder360 app already allows you to make some basic changes before to publish the content on social media and then there are two very interesting features, named Horizon Correction and ReFrame.

The Horizon Correction, in short, stabilizes the frame on where the user is pointing. In the sense, if I point the frame on me, even moving the camera in different positions, maybe even turning on itself, the frame remains fixed on the part taken from the camera that I decided to watch (in the video about stabilization is explained better).

The ReFrame is the most interesting mode ever because, from a 360 video, it allows you to make a normal video by deciding the frame to show to who is watching the video. In the sense, I place the camera in the middle of a room and I want to show a part first, then I want to look up, then turn the frame to the right. This is done through the ReFrame.

(at left there's the tutorial of the ReFrame feature, but as soon as possible I'll create a stand-alone page for this feature because it's not exclusive of Wunder360 C1)

This, together with all the other functions, the fact that the camera does the stitching alone, without doing other types of editing, makes the Wunder360 C1 very interesting for those who want to take the first step into the 360 world.

So I advise you to buy it?


For those who are interested, you or your friend (if you want to make a gift), in the 360 world, this is the perfect entry-level camera because it does the stitching in-camera, allows you to do basic editing and then you do not need to know other editing programs, there are no metadata problems, no knowledge in the 360 field is needed.

It's an all-in-one cam, in the sense you buy it, turn it on, shoot and share because this is what the Wunder360 C1 does. If you need a 360 photo, you have it, if you want only a part of the frame, there is the screenshot function, if you need the tiny-planet effect, which is the most used on socials, there is the tiny-planet function in the app. So it's a full cam. The price is quite low and more, clicking here (or entering the code *IvanSidorov* without the asterisks during the checkout on the site shopeu.wunder360.com) you will get a 10% discount on the purchase!

(for payment in € click here).

I thank the Wunder360 that gave me the opportunity to make you have some benefit.

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Thank you for reading the article.

Here below you can find the video review, in case you want to see some more details.

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