Vyu360 Activ

Vyu360 Activ

A camera that I had not heard much about, but that I had to have on my channels.

Designed for water activities, mainly for snorkeling, the camera is sold together with an IP9K waterproof case (one of the highest protections) and the EasyBreath mask. This mask is designed for snorkeling as it allows you to breathe with the nose and has a standard attachment for action cam where you can put the Vyu360 Activ.

The package also includes many accessories.

In short: flexible tripod, USB-microUSB cable for charging and transferring files, attachment for stands, articulated attachment, two attachments for directional change, two screws, one curved adhesive, one flat adhesive, the wrist strap, white stuff which I never understood the function, a cloth to clean the lenses, the bag and the instruction booklet.

Two 8MP f/2.0 sensors covering 220° each. At the top there's the LCD screen, on which we can see what we are doing, alongside the LEDs that indicate the various activities. On one side the 4 keys for camera controls (on/off/change mode, ok/shutter, down/wifi, up). On the other side there is the door that protects the micro SD and the micro USB port, the door that protects the removable battery and in the middle there is the speaker for the sounds of the camera.

Let's go straight to the point.

Photo and video quality.

Although the sensors are 8MP each, the photos are in 6080x3040 and then 18MP and not 16. I don't understand why, maybe they are simply stretched a little bit but they are quite good.

Below you can see some pictures that I did during my tests and I was really impressed by the colors. They are very vivid, they are well saturated without exceeding and many times I did not even edit the image because I was already satisfied with the result given to me by the camera.

Unfortunately, the videos come out in 3K. And for 3K I mean 3040x1520. The Vyu360 Activ, in truth, records in 4K but the video is converted into 3K and lowered by bitrate, in fact the videos range between 15 and 20 mbps, for compatibility problems, to be loaded faster on Google etc.

And on one hand, yes. All right.

On the other hand, as there is compression of the file, you lose a little quality. To bring the file back to 4K, we don't do a decompression, but a stretching. Using an editing software, I converted the files from 3K 15mbps to 4K 100mbps, as I contacted the assistance and they advised me to stay between 60 and 120 mbps to avoid loss of quality. Yes, the quality has increased a little bit, but not excessively. However, the videos are still good. Looking at them from a smartphone or a tablet, they are more than good even in 3K, but in 4K, even if they weigh a little more, in my opinion, they are better.

The sensors are f/2.0 and the photos in the dark do not come out badly, but they are not really exceptional. Surely you must stay very still while shooting or place the camera somewhere, which is the best solution. There is a little image noise, but obviously you can not expect much from this camera because the cost is quite low.

There are different shooting modes: photo, video, time lapse video with seconds of shooting customizable, video loop that records videos of 1/3/5 min and, once filled the memory, deletes the old videos to save the new, auto-shot, timed shot and the Drama Shot that takes a sequence 3/5/10 photos.

And slow motion. Which is done in FullHD, which is not quite a true FullHD, but it is 760p. And it is done from 60 fps to 15. The result, as can be deduced, is very disappointing. Because the FullHD is too little for a 360 video and 15 fps are too few because the video is jerky. So, even if present, this mode is useless.

The camera allows to adjust the exposure, the white balance, the rotation of the camera and the frequency of the light source. You can remove the audio recording and the LEDs, the only thing I have not found is how to remove the sounds of the camera, such as shooting, turning on and off.

The files are not very heavy because of the conversion and 1 min of video weighs about 100 MB (which are really few) and the microSD you receive with the camera is more than good. Then, during the reconversion (if converted back to 4K at 100 mbps) 1 min of video weighs about 1 GB, but all this happens on the computer so there are no memory problems.

The battery is enough to make about 2 hours of continuous recording and, being removable, you can simply remove and put a new one to continue using the camera.

And finally the app.

Because the Vyu360 Activ can be used both stand-alone and using the smartphone or PC app.

The camera connects via Wi-Fi, thanks God it does not use the bluetooth because in this way you can control it from about twenty meters away. In the app we have a live preview of what the camera sees and all the settings I mentioned before.

And of course, you can transfer files from the camera to the device, smartphone or PC.

And here things get a little complicated.

Usually, the easiest way to work on 360 content is to have that content equirectangular (below you can see an equirectangular image).

To have a file equirectangular with the Vyu360 you must transfer the file you want on the device, then on your smartphone or PC, you have to open that file, make the visualization in VR and then you can save the photo because you can share it or save it in an album.

A bit cumbersome, yes. Nothing in particular, but I had to contact the assistance for this thing because I could not find it by myself. In fact, saving the file not in VR view, it is as if you do a screenshot of what you see at that moment in the app.

Maybe they could do something more intuitive.

Returning to the app, the camera can also be controlled by the app on the PC. In fact, just connect the PC to the camera via Wi-Fi and we can have all the controls as on the smartphone app.

This made me think of one thing because the Vyu360, powered constantly, could also be used as a 360° security camera because, making a video loop (which deletes the old files and save the new ones), as the files weigh very little, the Vyu360 Activ can be left in a specific place and used as a security camera to record all the surroundings with just one camera.

But in the truth, Vyu360 Activ was not designed for this. It is a snorkeling cam, for sports and activities of this type. To hold it in hand seems very rugged, it looks robust. In fact, the materials are very robust and there is no fear that it falls to the ground, fear that I have with all the other cams because they seem very fragile. This camera looks very rugged, even if it should fall I would be more afraid for the tile than for the camera.

The current Amazon price is 199$. Counting all the accessories supplied, it is a reasonable price and, in my opinion, must be taken into consideration.

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Below you can find my video review, if you are interested.

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