Kandao QooCam 8K

*** this article has been written during the small fail gap on their website ***

*** it'll be updated continuously while I'll make more content about it ***

FINALLY we have some details ! Kandao QooCam 8K (maybe a new name would be better...but...ok)

Kandao QooCam 8K appeared on Kandao's official website. There are few details, but we can finally see the camera and it seems soooo small.
The design remembers me Ricoh Theta Z1, but with the top of Essential 360 cam. I like it. And plus, it's pocketable.

Hoping that Kandao will not claim the pics, here you can take a look at QooCam 8K.

Taking a look at it we can see an ergonomic shape, it'll be comfortable to hold. A small 2.4" touchscreen. The shutter button below the sensor (this is the only thing I don't approve, personally, because probably the thumb will be visible a lot. We'll see.). Mode button and "Q". Probably this is something already existent on QooCam, but I didn't use it so I don't know yet.

On a side I can see the microphone holes, the speaker (probably), USB Type-C port, jack for external microphone and...a vent (?). USB port and microphone are not protected by a door. Maybe it's just a demonstration pic, otherwise probably it's not waterproof. I think about something IP65. 

The back side is empty. QooCam logo and a led at the bottom. #MatteBlackEveryThing, is it you ?
On the other side there is the microphone, the vent (?) and MicroSD slot. THANK YOU KANDAO for not putting the memory in-cam.

At the bottom we have an in-body 1/4" screw hole. That's good because we'll avoid the problems of QooCam.

The other IMPORTANT thing about this cam are the sensors. Finally we have something bigger, something new.

1/1.7". It's a new dimension. a new sensor. Not the bigger we've seen on an AIO 360 camera, but it costs 600€ so...it's good. Can't wait to see LL (low light) footage. Especially with Long Exposure.

Then...8K. FINALLY.

Here you can see my "Expectations" video, made after have watched the teaser of QooCam 8K. I've expected it, I wished it and it's here. The first POCKETABLE camera with 8K photos. THANKS KANDAO.

I was expecting only photos in 8K, but this cam records also 8K 30fps videos. I'm speechless. and we have also 4k 120fps videos for slowmotions to put on socials.

Taking a closer look at the screen of the camera, I can see "dng". This means RAW. This means that this camera will probably be "360 Cam of the year". If it'll be released in 2019.

So yeah...this camera is already Beyond the MAX. I'll make a video about their launch video. Stay tuned and comment below !


Here there's the launch video. Will comment it below.

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