Insta360 Titan

Insta360 Titan

CES 2019. I would have really liked to go there, but fortunately internet is a place where, with a couple of clicks, we can get known about things happening on the other side of the world.

Insta360, famous for its 360° cameras, has officially launched its new jewel, called Titan.

It's a PRO level camera, more PRO than Insta360 Pro cams.

In particular, this camera has 8 Micro 4/3 sensors F3.2 with 200° each. The Titan shoots photos in 11K (2D e 3D) and records videos in 11K 30fps in 2D or 10K in 3D. Regarding the other lower resolutions, the one which has to be noticed is the 5.2K at 120fps (very very good for Bullet Time videos in high resolution ;) ).

Obviously live streaming can't missing even if it doesn't go beyond the 4K. With a camera like that, I would expect something like 6K at least, but for now, as it's written on their official website, 4K is the max resolution. But the interesting thing that I have to add is that meanwhile you are streaming in 4K, the camera can record an  8K video. Instead, if we are talking about 3D, the streaming is always in 4K 3D, but the recorded video will be in 6K 3D.

As usual, FlowState Stabilization is present also on this camera and it never disappoints us during the moving recordings.

For more details, you can go on the official Insta360 website (here)

                                       I'ts obvious that we are not talking about a camera that everyone can buy, also because the price is about $ 15K (of course in the States, because if you wanna buy it from Italy, you have to pay around 2000€ of taxes. Because here, if you wanna start to work you have to give tons of money to the State at first).

It's also obvious that this camera is made for professional cinematic videos. It's not for a casual amateur vlogger, but hey... the results for Google Maps will be amazing.

I have to admit that I'm in love with its shape.

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