About me

I do stuff in 360°

If you're reading something on this website, be sure that you'll find REAL, HONEST and RELIABLE infos about that product. Doesn't matter if it's a 360 camera, a 360 platform or a guide about something. Everything here is tested by me (or it could be a personal thought) and you'll not find a "good review" because I've been paid. It'll be good if that product/service is really good.
That's why I'll probably never earn anything from this website.

It's not a substitution of my YouTube channel because there are and there will be videos unpublished on the blog and here will be articles for which there will not be a video. So if you're interested in the topics I'm dealing with, I recommend you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and to activate the bell to get the notification when I'll upload something new. Maybe even follow me on socials, especially on instagram, because everything passes through them too.

Hello !

I am Ivan, aka Alchimista.

Who am I ?

I'm one of those persons who would tell you the truth even if the truth hurts. Especially about 360 cameras because you could spend hundreds of $ for them. And before this, you have to know the truth.

Why am I doing this ?

There isn't a precise answer to this question. I just see people trusting the ghoulish TV advertising, wasting their own money when it is possible to invest it into something really useful. That's why I decided to try things and talk about them to others. I want to help people improve their lives by buying useful and interesting items. At the same time I could help a brand to spread a product and to have more customers.

What is my goal ?

My goal is to help the others. What I hope is to collaborate with companies that produce 360 technology. I'm interested in trying new cams, new platforms, new possibilities and making people know more about them. The companies are interested in visibility of their products, we all know how does internet work. I would like to help them spreding their products and showing you every single piece. It'd help everyone.

I'm already collaborating with several brands of 360° cams. I hope to expand my collaborations and to try out different products to let the people know about everything.

Are you a 360/VR brand ?

If you're a 360 brand, let's have a talk. We can find a way to both take advantage from a collaboration !


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