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These are the arguments about which I want to talk and that I want to share with all of you. Whatever product I'll talk about, you can be sure that I'll tell you my personal and SINCERE opinion trying to describe all the aspects and trying to help the buyer as much as possible.

It's not a substitution of the channel because there are and there will be videos unpublished on the blog and here will be articles for which there will not be a video. So if you're interested in the topics I'm dealing with, I recommend to subscribe to my YouTube channel and to save this site to your favorites. Maybe even follow me on socials, especially on instagram, because everything passes through them too.

Recently YouTube has changed its partnership program, then I have to grow up to have the possibility to continue to do what I like. And what I like is this. Help brands and customers. Talking as brand and as customer.

Do you like the idea ? Let me know.

Hello !

I am Ivan, aka Alchimista.

Who am I ?

I'm a fan of technology and travel.

I like to try new tech objects that help to make life easier and I try to help others make a useful choice in buying.

Whether it's home automation, a smartphone or a camera, before investing in something, it is always better to know something about it and to know the opinion of someone who owns it.

Why an I doing this ?

There is no precise answer to this question. I just see people trusting the ghoulish TV advertising, wasting their own money when it is possible to invest it into something really useful. That's why I decided to try things and talk about them to others. I want to help people improve their lives by buying useful and interesting items. At the same time I could help a brand to spread a product and to have more customers.

What is my goal ?

My goal is to help the others. What I hope is to collaborate with companies that produce technology. I'm interested in trying things out and getting people know more about them, companies are interested in the visibility of their products. I would say that is the perfect mix.

I'm already collaborating with several brands of 360° cams. I hope to expand my collaborations and to try out different products to let the people know about everything.

And the travels?

I love travelling. Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to fly everytime and I have just started travel vlogs, but the emotions that you experience in another country, a thousand miles from home, in company of culturally different people ...they do not have a price. Each of my travels will be recorded and transmitted to everyone via my social network. Both here and on my YouTube channel you can already see some episode of my travel travel in Istanbul.


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